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About Me

I'm an Adelaide Hills gal, who has lived in Sydney, L.A., and now Melbourne. In many respects, I'm a jill-of-all-trades, possessing enough curiosity and capability to tinker in a bunch of aspects of life and work. I value lightness and sparkle, people who love food, and the magical and intangible aspects of experience, like soundtracks and scents. And not to be a wanker, but I also value truth and authenticity. I like to surround myself with people who value that kind of realness too. 


In the workplace I'm a creative and commercial hybrid. I value the sensory brand experience, but I am also data and ROI driven. I don’t shy away from the complicated or ambiguous, but rather approach it with curiosity, building situational awareness, making sense of seemingly unrelated things, and anticipating and communicating what the next possible moves are. I’m comfortable without a rulebook, and enjoy adopting an agile and individual strategic approach that best suits the business and its people.


With others I am reassuring, persuasive, and help to stimulate and broaden thinking by nature of my curiosity. I bring energy and tempo to a team, acting as a catalyst for progress while energising peers to think creatively; helping them become unstuck; and relieving pressure through strategic decision-making. I work with warmth and joyousness, bringing a little bit of sparkle and fun to the workplace.

What else? I'm accidentally abrupt over text sometimes, so I've started to use more emojis to soften the delivery. Unclear as to whether this is working yet. Oh, and why C$? Colleagues from two different workplaces independently nicknamed me Chlo Money (C$ for short). If you're still reading after all that, you must be a generous sort, so you can call me C$ too. 

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